As of Jim’s death September 14, 2016, I am not aware of the status of the novels nor and I sure what, if anything, he ended up doing with his Golf Swing videos.  If I ever find out, I will post back here.  —  Caylyn


The Milkman, The Connection

Jess Sterling, a handsome precocious teenager, secures a job at a milk dairy . . . Bob Servo, very tall, extremely handsome Adonis, trains Jess the art of delivering milk . . . and its fringe benefits!

Jess’s Dad teaches him to box; he defeats Roger Stokes, the much older school-drop-out bully.

Sensuous Sally Blaine is off limits at the dairy, jailbait, and her father is a Detective with the Detroit Police Department. She serves Jess a cup of coffee with her phone number, and they spend the New Year together.

An accidental meeting brings Jess in touch with his formal English Teacher, Mrs. Gladstone. He is fascinated with her voluptuous beauty . . .

Sharon Gladstone wants this young handsome man for herself. She comments, “Milk? We can do better.” . . . Mr. John Gladstone, owner of Detroit’s only golf club manufacturing plant, meets Jess with trepidation, says, “I’ll trust Sharon’s judgment, for now.”

Jack English, a Gladstone lackey and plant manager assigns Jess to the golf club assembly room. Mr. Vang and Mr. Chow, controllers of their specially designed golf clubs, have reason to keep a watchful eye over this kid.

The involvement of Hub Blaine, Special FBI Agents, J.B. Clark and Shades Soble and the cleverness of Jess Sterling spinning a spider’s web around these cocaine thugs . . . and then, his maneuvering of Sharon Gladstone keep the pages turning for an exciting conclusion.

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